The Center of Decentralized Future

Satoshi21 proudly presents the first Web3 hub CORE located in the Island of Gods.

Satoshi 21 - S21 CORE BALI

S21 community stands as one of the largest international blockchain communities in Southeast Asia, boasting 1.8k+ members from across the globe. Since 2020, S21 proudly sponsored engaging presentations featuring Web3 founders and C-level executives, fostering collective learning and socio-economic transformation.

Now, we are thrilled to announce the birth of CORE, incorporated in the beautiful surroundings of Bali, Indonesia. This is where the global Web3 revolution comes to life.

Embrace the power of collaboration and reciprocity at CORE. Immerse yourself in curated programs, workshops, office spaces & lounge, pool and private lockers for members and events designed to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology and decentralized finance, all with an outstanding culinary experience and unique cocktails curated by world famous chefs and mixologists. 

Stay tuned for our official launch. Sign up now to join the membership program not to miss being part of the next big thing in the SEA.

Welcome to CORE, the epicenter of the revolution.