The Satoshi21 community was established by industry experts Melissa Kurtcan and Gaurav Rana, both well-versed in Web3 technology. Initially starting as a discussion platform among close friends, we have now evolved into a formal entity known as PT Satoshi Twenty One, after organizing events for approximately three years.

With our membership steadily growing to over a thousand and continuing to expand, we have become a passionate and dynamic community that caters to a global audience of web3 founders, c-level executives, tech entrepreneurs, and investors. Our core belief is that by bringing together the brightest minds in Web3, we can foster a thriving ecosystem that will shape the future of the digital world.


At our core, we aim to empower Web3 innovators in bringing their ideas to life. Whether you're a project founder, an experienced entrepreneur, or an investor seeking to back promising ventures, we provide the necessary resources, support, and guidance for your success. Our vibrant and collaborative community is dedicated to advancing progress and fostering innovation within the Web3 ecosystem.


We take pride in our association with influential and forward-thinking contributors within the Web3 ecosystem. Our network of partners comprises prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, accelerators, venture capitalists, and other key industry stakeholders. Collaboratively, we are constructing a community that stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.